2-year-old baby girl wakes up mom in middle of night. But what she shares with her mom? Weird!

I remember when I was young, I had the most haunting dreams. Dreams that when I think back, I realize how afraid a person can be. Vivid and unforgiving, to the point that screaming in or out of the dream was so strained from fear, that nothing came out. Luckily, Lily has a much better, more thoughtful head on her shoulders. Doesn’t mean she isn’t a goofball, who has quite an imagination.

Mother Chelsea helps by interpreting her words and actions. If you look for religious signs, you will find them. Sure enough, the young toddler isn’t shy at all, banging rapidly on her mom’s door at midnight. After finding the little tyke in her own room, banging on her own door, the mother quickly rushes to remedy the situation. Without being asked, she jumps into trying to describe her dream. The words come out feverishly, yet with joy, as the precocious toddler spills what happened in her head. The visions/ dreams/ nightmares seem to have some effect on Mom, as she tries to understand what her small child is saying to her. Could it really be?

Mom listens avidly, trying to make sense of it all. Every movement the child makes, the mom interprets as a sign. Each sentence seems to have a correlation to God and religion. Mainly in that the big man is coming. He’s coming back down and the rapture will follow. Unbelievable? This isn’t even the craziest part! When you see what happens, you will lose it!

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