This 2 Yr Old Has A Best Friend. But I Was Drying My Tears When I Saw Who. BEAUTIFUL!

Unusual friendships have a strange way of warming our hearts. The little kid in this video is named Deacon and he is just two years old. They asked him who his best friend is and you are going to melt when you hear his reply! Deacon has formed a special bond with O Dee, the garbage man who works his family’s route. Their friendship is beautiful for sure!

But unluckily, Deacon’s family is moving homes. So as a goodbye, little Deacon helps his mother to make a gift basket for his best pal. When Deacon talks about O Dee, it is clear to see the love he has for him! When O Dee finally arrives, Deacon is ecstatic! They share a bittersweet moment, and then part ways. But I’m sure Deacon is going to remember O Dee even when he grows up!

In this clip, we first see Deacon and his mom preparing a gift basket for O Dee because this is the last Friday they will see him pick up their recycling. They are moving into a bigger house because Deacon is about to have a little brother. Deacon and his mom and sister wait outside for O Dee and the gift basket is ready.

O Dee rides on the back of the truck, and as soon as he sees Deacon, he hops off to give him a fist bump. Watching O Dee talk to this family and give Deacon a big hug goodbye is just precious. He can’t believe the gift basket they put together for him. This is so touching to watch.

Watch them in the video below. What are your thoughts about this? Share them with us in the comments!

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