20-Year-Old Contemporary Christian Artist Riley Clemmons Delivers Striking A Cappella Hymn

In a beautiful a cappella serenade that couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, worship singer Riley Clemmons shares her faith with a striking rendition of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” And we can’t help but feel at peace while listening to her sweet words of encouragement.

Filmed at her home while “flattening the curve,” Clemmons takes a moment to inspire her listeners in the most appropriate way – with a traditional hymn promising that all our needs will be satisfied with just a little faith.

Proving that she doesn’t need a studio or engineer to sound her best, Clemmons’s voice rings out clearly throughout this beautiful clip. And we certainly can appreciate that, like most of us nowadays, she’s wearing her “work from home” outfit in the shot.

Clemmons’ message is one we all can surely appreciate today when friends and families are socially distanced in a fight against an unseen enemy. We all need to believe in something to get us through these hard times, and, as Clemmons writes below her video, “this is the comfort…this is the ground I’m choosing to stand on.”