20 Years Ago This Man Found A Wounded Crocodile Washed Up On The Bank Of A River!

20 years ago a man found a crocodile lying on the bank of the river dying. The crocodile had been shot by a farmer and had washed up onto the banks of the Parasmina River in Coasta. Chito, the local man who discovered the crocodile, was so moved by the crocodile’s plight that he took it upon himself to nurse this crocodile back to full health.

Chito named the crocodile Pocho and it is best to nurse the crocodile back to full health. When Pocho had recovered Chito took him back to the river and released him. But, the very next morning, when Chito went outside he found Pocho sleeping on the porch.

For the next two decades Chito and Pocho were inseparable. Chito receives special permission from the minister environment to keep this very unusual pet.

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