20 Years Ago, He Saved This Crocodile’s Life… What The Croc Did Next? This Left Me Breathless!

A farmer shot a giant crocodile on the banks of the Parasmina River in Costa Rica nearly 20 years ago. The crocodile was awaiting death, but when a local man named Chito Shedden came upon him, something incredible happened. Chito couldn’t bear the thought of letting the crocodile die. He became the crocodile’s caretaker and best friend.

He named him Pocho and nursed the poor guy back to health. He says he wanted Pocho to feel that someone loved him and that not all humans are bad. When Pocho recovered, Chito took him back to the river to release him. But to everyone’s surprise, he found the croc sleeping on his veranda the next morning! Pocho came home to him in the middle of the night. With permission from the Minister for Environment and the aid of a veterinarian, Chito looked after Pocho for the next two decades! In 2011, Pocho passed away at the age of 50 from natural causes, but I am sure the world will remember their friendship forever!

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