She Has Been To Over 200 Bruce Springsteen Shows. When This 91 Yr Old Fan FINALLY Meets Him? So Sweet!

I have always been a huge fan of an incredible Bruce Springsteen. He is definitely one of the most legendary singers in the world nowadays. Over the years, Bruce has released a lot of hits. He has managed to leave an incredible mark on the music industry as well. He is not only famous for his musical abilities, but also for his wonderful performances and his charming personality.

Bruce has a lot of ardent admirers all over the world. Though they all come from various backgrounds, these fans have one thing in common – they all love Bruce very much. One of these fans is featured in the video below! This 91 year old lady is named Jeannie Heintz. She has attended more than 200 shows by Springsteen. During a show in St. Paul, Minnesota, she finally got a chance to dance with him onstage!

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