21-yr-old Amish teacher wants a fresh look. She shows off transformation astonishing the room

We’ve all had bad hair days, well, most of us at least. But some clever people out there decided to make a television show on the subject and have changed many lives in the process. One of the presenters of the show Theodore Leaf is about to be handed a challenge of a difference when he meets the next lucky lady to receive this special transformation.

Meet Sarah, a 21-year-old Amish girl who is about to have her world turned up-side-down. The Amish, as we know, lead a simple life, a small town existence that is peaceful and Harmonious. But when Theodore’s camera crew turn up to Sarah’s kitchen the hometown girl is taken completely by surprise. The look on young Sarah’s face when the cameras and microphone come in is priceless.

Sarah explains to Theodore about the bonnet she wears. “You always wear the cap” she says. “And your hair is just flipped up in a barrette. It’s an act of modesty” But when she takes off the bonnet, Theodore cannot believe the amount of hair she has hidden under it. “Look at all this hair you have hiding under there” Theodore says with astonishment as Sarah stands before a full length mirror.

As Theodore begins the makeover, Sarah explains to him a little about the Amish lifestyle. “I pretty much just have a boring life. Just small town, Amish on top of that” she laughs. As the makeover continues she explains that she always wears her hair pinned up under the cap, although during “Rumspringa” she can let her hair down and wear other clothes if she want to.

For those who don’t know a lot about the Amish, “Rumspringa” is the time in every Amish person’s life where they can chose how to live and dress and decide whether they want to remain Amish or not. A tradition that a lot of other cultures could follow. It is basically a rite of passage and for the Amish, this period begins when the adolescent is between 14 to 16 years-old and continues until they chose either baptism in the church, or leave the community. Interestingly, the majority chose baptism. Rumspringa in English literally translates to “jumping/hopping around”

As the makeover continues, Sarah is of coarse all smiles as she watches Theodore perform his magic. After the hair is completed, he adds a little lip color and the transformation is complete. A crowd gathers around awaiting the big reveal, and when Sarah appears there are huge smiles all round, the least not being Sarah herself.

Click on the link below and watch this amazing metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly, right before your eyes. You won’t be able to stop smiling as you witness the before and after scenes.