After 22 Years Of Caring For This Elephant. This Is How This Man Says Goodbye? TEAR JERKING!

Elephants are amazing creatures. They are the biggest land mammals on the planet. Their slow and gentle movements often lead people to think that they are not that smart. But these animals are incredibly sensitive and intelligent. This is a touching story about one elephant.

Shirley the Asian elephant came to America at a very young age. She was taken on in a travelling circus and travelled for thousands of miles with them. There was an accident and Shirley injured her leg. She could no longer perform so she could no longer travel with the circus.

She was taken to the Louisiana Purchase Zoo. Unfortunately this was very small and didn’t have the space to keep more than one elephant. For 22 years Shirley’s only friend was her caretaker Solomon. Solomon did everything that he could to lessen Shirley’s loneliness. But elephants are social creatures and it simply wasn’t enough. Eventually Solomon was able to organise to have surely taken to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Where she could live out the rest of her days happy, with friends.

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