It’s Been 22 Years That He’s Cared For Of THIS Elephant. But When He Said Goodbye? TEAR JERKING!

Elephants are incredible creatures. They might be one of the biggest mammals on the planet, yet they are incredibly sensitive and intelligent. This video shows a very heart touching story about one particular elephant who had led a very harsh life that thankfully turns alright in the end.

Shirley the Asian elephant was brought to America when she was very young. She was drafted in a travelling circus and travelled thousands of miles performing at her young age. Unfortunately, an accident with another elephant injured her leg permanently and she was kicked off the circus. Shirley was then taken in by the Louisiana Purchase Zoo, but since it was a small zoo, they could only keep one elephant. For 22 years, Shirley lived alone. Her only companion was Solomon, her caretaker. He tried keeping her company, but what she really needed to be happy was the company of other elephants.

She was eventually taken to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where she laid eyes on another elephant for the first time in 22 years. It was hard for Solomon to say goodbye to her, but he knew she would finally be happy there.

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