24-Hour vlog with 5 kids on Christmas Day!

Camera phones have revolutionized the way people record video and interact. Back in the day, the whole concept of recording something and then watching yourself on the video, was almost magical. I would grab the camcorder and record pretty much everything I could. From my playtime to short movies that I made up featuring GI Joes and other action figures. Doing that made me feel like Steven Spielberg.

Smartphones have changed everything, and they have done it in a dramatic fashion. The level of progress the whole industry went through in such a short amount of time is mind-boggling. Camera phones have gotten better and better each year. Practically most of them are able to record in HD and save everything to the phone’s or card’s memory.

I’ve even tried the whole ‘vlogging’ concept. You know, video blogging. Everything from unboxings to holidays have been saved in my phone for a long time. Kids nowadays are very gadget-savvy. Most of them know how to operate most electronics way better that we do. It’s kind of weird when you need to ask how to do something with your phone, right?

Back on Christmas Days, I would record a little bit of the day here and there. Honestly, I would just be too excited to record all day. I was very busy trying out and playing with all the presents I had gotten to be thinking about documenting the whole thing. It is one of those things that I wished I had done.

So, when a group of kids started to wonder how they would make Christmas Eve and Day more memorable, they knew what they needed to do. They thought, why not make a video 24 before Christmas, and all the way to Christmas Day? All the preparations and emotions they would go through would get recorded! They get their phones out and start recording everything. The video starts with them setting down a snack for Santa. The treat of choice: cinnamon rolls and milk.

The parents tell the children that it’s time to go to sleep. The sooner that they go to sleep, the faster they’ll wake up and Christmas Day will be here. The children go to sleep and the next shot has the children in their beds the following day. Actually, the children have overslept a little because it’s almost noon when the children are just waking up. For a second, they seemed to have forgotten that it’s Christmas Day, until mom reminds them. They head down the stairs as fast as they can to see what Santa has brought them. The look on the children’s faces when they see their presents will melt your heart!