24 Marines line up at a football game. Once they start their act, it’s just perfection!

Of all the Armed Forces, my favorite one is the Marines. It’s probably because it’s the one that I feel is the most difficult to get in and perform. They are also the ones sent when the situation is looking bad. Marines are different from the rest. They have an inner culture where they think of themselves as warriors. They have the obligation of being the ones who are the most prepared when the rest are least ready.

They comprise the most elite of soldiers. They are the ones that take on the most difficult assignments with the tightest of deadlines. They are more focused on combat than the other branches of the military. They follow a very strict code of conduct, they emphasize on camaraderie and forming a tight-knit unit. Their motto is “always loyal.”

Marines are known for their toughness. No matter how many times you knock a Marine down, he will get up and finish the task. Their toughness is not the only thing they have in their favor. They are extremely intelligent and have elevated ideals and expectations for themselves. If someone does anything to hurt this great country, they will be the last people the offenders will want to see come knocking at their door.

New recruits arrive today as they have done for many years, on a bus at nighttime. Once they are off the bus, they are placed in their first formation. Once they are there, they get their first taste at the distinct culture for which Marines are famous. The new recruits are about to start the most intense basic training in all of the Armed Forces.

Once they start basic training, they are mentally stripped of the limitations they had come to believe they had. and replaced with the Marine mentality. They are the ones who are deployed first. They get there, take care of business, plant the flag, and leave a prepared battlefield. They truly march to the sound of gunshots.

This mentality of discipline and excellence is carried out in each activity they take part in. It can be a mission in a foreign country or a military show for a crowd. What you’ll see are the values of excellence, perfection, and teamwork. A good example of that is out next video. They are performing a silent act that is so good, people in the crowd cannot stop looking at them from the minute they start. After you finish watching it, you will have experienced the pride these soldiers feel to be the Elite Force in the United States today!