24 playful goat kids prefer bouncing off everything at the barn

Hope and Chris ran the “Sunflower Farm Creamery,” situated in Cumberland, Maine. The couple cared for the Nigerian Dwarf goats on their farm and their little babies as their own children.

Every morning, the barn was filled with excitement as the goat kids liked to have fun with their favorite human, Hope. Recently, the 24 goat kids enjoyed another fun day at the Maine barn.

They jumped up and down a log and kicked their legs straight out whenever they jumped or bounced. The color of the goat babies’ coats blended so beautifully and looked like they had little boots on.

The youngest one, Princess Plum, was staying at the farm and was the one who got extra milk bottles because of her age. The cute goat kid liked to be picked by her owner every time she got closer.

This batch of goat babies ranged from just over 2 weeks to 2 days. The Maine farm expected new kids to arrive anytime soon as 5 mama goats were about to give birth to little ones.

These naughty babies had found a wooden log to jump up and down and were busy with their shenanigans. The adorable baby goats couldn’t stop playing around in the barn.

The goat kids moved around together and played with one another. But unfortunately, the beautiful and innocent baby goats bouncing off in the barn looked like naughty human toddlers trying to have fun with each other.

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