24′ tiny house is a retirement haven in a tranquil coastal community

Beth is a semi-retired woman who splits her time between Long Island, NY, and the Oregon coast. After considering RV life, her lifelong love of the ocean led her to settle part-time in a gorgeous craftsman-style tiny home on the coast.

Her tiny home community is called “Tiny Tranquility” and is full of friendly neighbors in their own tiny homes. When she takes a break from her New York acupuncture practice to visit the community, Beth enjoys the great neighbors, spacious lots, and surrounding nature trails.

One unique feature of Beth’s home is that there are downstairs sleeping and sitting areas for easy mobility access. Her bed is in the primary loft, with a secondary loft used for extra storage.

Small details make a big difference for Beth in making the space her own. Her home is decorated with art and gifts from friends to add personality and design elements. Her coastal style flows through the house with white paint and sea glass accents.

Storage is hidden seamlessly all throughout her home. Pull-out drawers come all the way out from underneath the bed, and the headboard storage is plenty of room for Beth’s bedding. If guests visit, there is even storage available for them too.

Living in her tiny home part-time has made her reconsider how much space she requires and where she spends her time in a larger house. In her tiny house, she has all she needs.

Beth’s tiny home perfectly fulfills her need for a vacation home near the ocean. She is living the dream in the tiny house of her dreams and looks forward to exploring the rest of Oregon in the coming years.

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