24-year-old ‘Mama Bear’ emerges from hibernation with 4 new cubs in tow

Grand Teton National Park is home to many species of animals. But it got quite the surprise when Grizzly 399 walked out of hibernation with four new cubs of her own.

After hibernation all winter, Grizzly 399 made her presence known at Grand Teton National Park. But this time, she wasn’t alone.

Tagging along with her were four grizzly cubs. In her 24 years of life, she has given birth to 17 cubs.

Even though grizzly bears live to be 25 to 30 years old, age doesn’t seem to slow down Grizzly 399 one bit. Especially when she’s now got four new cubs to tend to.

While it’s a bit dangerous to approach grizzly bears, park visitors manage to keep a safe distance. But they can’t help but take a look at what might be the cutest thing yet.

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