$250 million mansion is one of the most luxurious and expensive houses in America

For most of us, we’re never likely to experience what it’s like to live in the top 1% in this country. That’s a tiny amount of people who hold all the money in the US. It’s a shocking statistic, but as the rich get richer the poor continue to get poorer, there’s no end in sight to the austerity which always seems to hit the little guys, rather than the filthy rich. So, just in order to depress us even more – let’s take a look at what they’re spending their money on!

This $250 million mansion located in Bel-Air is clearly reserved for the upper echelons of money making in society. You’re either going to be an oil-tycoon, banking big-wig, rock star, royalty or a drug baron to afford this kind of exorbitant luxury!

Check out the incredible features and mod-cons this astounding home has to offer. Just looking from the outside, you can see several swimming pool facilities, putting greens, sun decks, terraces, and even a Heli-pad complete with a helicopter! It’s more like a resort than a house! How is this only for one person?!

Move inside and get ready to be even more envious of what’s on offer. There’s the immaculate classic car collection – gleaming in a custom-made showroom. Marvel at the games facilities, including pool tables, table tennis and a bowling alley with several lanes. There’s even a luxury, multi-seated cinema! You’d literally never need to leave the house again!

And it doesn’t stop there! It’s clearly designed for entertaining, with a bar that a big club would be jealous of, so much space for socialising and relaxing with friends, and plenty of activities that could keep a party going for days, not just hours! The bedrooms and accommodation facilities are lavish, as are the kitchen and dining options – with enough room to cater for a great many guests. As if the inside cinema wasn’t enough, there’s a huge outdoor version too! Sigh…we can but dream!

Watch this amazing video below and ask your friends and family if you would like to live in this kind of place – and would you pay $250 million for the privilege? Be honest now! This house has everything – but does it have happiness? Money can’t buy you love folks! We’ll settle for a cosy fireplace, a guest bedroom for when the parents visit and a bottle of nice wine any day. And maybe a Ferrari if you’re offering