27 Goats Run Around Playing With Each Other On Farm. Yes, I Typed That Number Correctly.

Goats can be cute to watch or even interact with, but baby goats? Forget it. They are so adorable and fun that I’m amazed that people who are at zoos don’t try to stick one of them under their shirts and leave. It’d be so much fun to have one! Well, until they got a lot older and started chewing on everything in sight. Then it would lose some of its luster, I imagine. OK. The goats can stay at the farm or zoo… someone else can take care of them.

We see a LOT of baby goats running around in this video. 27 of them, as a matter of fact. They move around in a swarm of happy, bounding goats. Several times we hear them go “Baaa.” It’s impossible to not smile while watching this. I know because I tested it out. When I started the video, I made my face all sullen and stone-faced. Around the :40 second mark, I felt a smile starting to creep up. It was all over after that.

It’s just so much fun watching these baby goats running around. It made me want to visit a farm or a zoo to see more of them up close. Today’s not the day, since winter has made its presence known and it feels like the surface temperature of Pluto when I walk around outside. This weather is prone to changing at the drop of a hat, so I have a feeling I’ll be able to go visit some goats soon.

The funniest sight is when the goat kids see a chicken walking around the farm. Well… they do NOT know what to make of this strange-looking interloper. No, sir. They gather together, wondering what their next step is. Two of them even seem to be talking to each other as if to plan their next move. The chicken pays them no mind. They even meet a young cat before retreating to hang out with their own goat mommies and daddies.

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