29 Years Ago, Celine Dion Dressed Up As A Cat To Sing THIS. By 3:17, I’m Speechless!

Celine Dion is famous for being one of the most enchanting and powerful singers that the world has ever seen. With her natural talent, graceful performances, and incredible charisma and vocal delivery; there’s just too many reason to love this Canadian star.

She’s known for several songs, but perhaps the most famous ones are the iconic “My Heart Will Go On”, from the highly awarded Titanic, and her own smash hit, “The Prayer”. There’s too many to mention them all, since her career spanned for so long, but not many people are aware of the star’s humble start.

Back in the year of 1987, the Canadian singer appeared on a popular local TV show, L’autobus du Show Business, which was is French; the singer’s native language. She hadn’t learned English yet, but she could still nail American songs with perfect diction by pure skill.

She’s seen performing as Grizabella, a character from the famous Broadway play “CATS”, and she gives a stunning performance that will take your breath away. She manages to sing beautifully while keeping perfect clarity, and she tells the whole story in a vibrant way.

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