$3.5 million camper home has built-in helipad, but it’s the inside making people want to move in

If you love camping (or at least the idea of camping) but can’t quite let go of all the comforts of home, there is always the camper or RV option. It’s a home on wheels that let you park at a campsite, go out to explore the woods, and then come back to a hot shower and a comfy bed or easy chair. If basic comfort doesn’t quite do it for you — and if you have the budget — there are luxury models on the market. Yet even those don’t hold a candle to the Furrion Elysium.

Furrion is a maker of luxurious, high-tech RVs. At the risk of disappointing you, the Elysium isn’t actually available for purchase: it’s just a concept vehicle. But what a concept! Tricked out in a way James Bond would appreciate, it’s been called the “secret agent RV.” If the Elysium model was being produced for sale, one of them would easily set you back $3.5 million. It made quite a splash when it debuted at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

There’s so much gadgetry to control that the driver’s area has touchscreen panels! Also near the front, there’s a fully equipped kitchen. Behind that, there’s a lounge area, complete with large-screen TV and a fireplace. There are a spacious bedroom and a bathroom complete with a combined shower/steam room. A staircase leads up to the roof, where there is a sundeck and hot tub — this definitely takes camping away from roughing it! The final, most spectacular, touch is a helipad with a Robinson model 22, a small two-seat helicopter! The helipad retracts for transport, incidentally. Why hike when you can fly?

Check out the video below and take a virtual tour of the Furrion Elysium. Even if it wouldn’t be the thing for you, you’ve got to admit it’s a nifty idea.

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