3 Blind Kittens Were Rescued. When You See Their Unlikely New Family, You’ll TEAR UP!

Animals always amaze us with their kindness and their acceptance when meeting new friends. They can do all of this even when they’re off different species, and it makes me wonder how come we as people can do the same with each other all the time. In the video that we will show you below, you will see a beautiful example of a dog accepting a few kittens as if they were their own kind. 3 kittens were rescued by Faithful Friends Animal Society, and they had to adapt to their new way of life while still being very young.

Luckily for them, they were rescued by a very kind family that already had experience with rescued pets. There was only one problem, though: The pets they had rescued were two big Pit Bull dogs. However, everything turned out fine in the end, because unlike what most people believe, the biggest part of a pit bull is not their jaws, but their heart. They adopted the 3 kittens immediately, and the cats were so comfortable with them, they even go as far as to cuddle with them to take naps. You have to see for yourself, it’s too adorable

Watch this heart melting video just below! What do you think about cats and dogs getting along together? Tell us in the comments below!

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