3 Cats Are Cautiously Watching One Bird, Then They Get The Shock Of Their Lives!

It’s not always easy to have the focus necessary to come together as a group and bring about change. Even more difficult, is the patience necessary when your goal or target is so close and yet so far. Such is the case with many things that are worthwhile. It can be hard to hold back and restrain in times that seem to demand action. The intense focus necessary now-a-days when you see a goal in sight, to see it through to the end can be quite tantalizing. It’s hard to control the urges we have even in times that show our goal will take longer to reach.

Throughout all the focus, all the concentration necessary, we stumble upon this hilarious story of three cats who are too close not to be focused. The object of their desire is a bird, just on the other side of a metal Screen door. They all watch with such focus and anticipation, that it’s almost maddening. Most do this during the thrill of the hunt. They focus and concentrate endlessly on the object or prey of their desire. They wait until the time is right and ultimately, they pounce.

Rivaling this idea is the idea of comedy. Comedy is all about timing. A properly placed word, pause, or exaggeration can leave anyone in stitches. What these cats lose sight of most of all is their peripheral sight. They are heavily focused on the prey that is so taunting right in front of them they don’t notice the movement right behind them. When you see their reaction, I’m sure you’ll be cracking up so loud.

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