3 cute barn kitties turn tightrope walkers with baby goats & puppies

Barn cats make excellent herd members. Hope and Chris have been caring for several Nigerian Dwarf goats and their little ones. However, the ones who actually helped them guard the Sunflower Farm Creamery, situated in Maine, are the 3 barn kitties and a little puppy.

These outdoor fluffy cats usually laze around on a wooden cot but also keep an eye on the predators, who could harm the little baby goats. However, the little ones were also amiable and not scared of the cats.

The cute Nigerian Dwarf goat kids always keep nagging the kitties even while they are taking a nap. However, they are not the only ones disturbing the kitties. The owner’s guard puppy is no different than the kids.

The little goat kids kept roaming around the barn and were never tired. Even the little puppy wanted to be trained by the barn cats to protect their home and kept nagging the gray cat.

The adorable cats just wanted to rest for a while. However, the different farm animals got on their nerves and just wanted to be left alone. However, the little puppy and the kids were in no mood to listen to the 3 cats.

These poor kitties would do anything to get away from these little ones. They became tightrope walkers and climbed to some places where none of the little ones could reach them.

These 3 vigilant kitties loved drinking milk and later patrolled the barn fences to closely watch any perpetrator. The 3 barn cats shared a close bond and were cuddle buddies who trusted each other.

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