3 Dogs Line Up On The Yard. Now Watch What The Little One Did!

I can’t avoid being amazed every time I see an animal parent that has taught their talented pets how to do a trick. Animals can do the most amazing things when they have the proper training and preparation, and the doggies in the video below are certainly no exception. Everyone thinks that their dog is their best, and it’s not hard to blame them, but the dog trio in this clip just might be the most talented dogs ever!

We’ve shared plenty of incredible dog tricks recorded on video, but this one just might be the best of them all. Playing dead, acting, speaking in an almost human voice, and even surfing, dogs are always full of surprises and incredible talents. The dogs in the video are very different from each other, but they work as a team perfectly. It’s a border collie, a terrier, and a Chihuahua, and they’re the best entertainment trio you’ll ever witness.

These dogs have all been trained by a team called Dogmantics, based on San Diego, California, and they have an amazing repertoire of tricks and choreographies that will leave you stunned! They move in perfect sync with their human friend and each other, and they left me speechless with all the skills and tricks that they have learned!

Watch these incredible pups for yourself, in the video below.

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