3 girls storm the floor with their Christmas dance. Now, get up and bust some moves!

I am a big music fan, and this is even more evident on Christmas. Besides decorating my house, I spend a lot of time decorating my home office. Fortunately, I have a chimney in my office at home. It is the centerpiece in my Christmas decorations. I hang a few stockings around the chimney, along with an exclusive train set that I have going around the Christmas tree. I got that in Germany.

I also got these things that look like framed pictures that light up and have very nice patterns that form once you select one of 6 built in effects. The best thing is that the lights don’t need to be off for the effects to be visible. Besides these pictures I also have some Christmas LEDs that I bought that run on the ceiling. They change from all white to multi-colored lights.

Of course, I have a Christmas tree along with a train set. Did I tell you I was a train set collector? My brother started me on this hobby since the very first time he was stationed in Germany. He bought me a train set, so I could decorate my office on Christmas, and I ended up decorating each corner in the house with them.

What I love about these train sets is the level of detail they have. I have big sets and small sets, but the great thing is that the detail is not lost with size. The manufacturer has found a way of using some materials like fabric to make the most remarkable effects come to life. The sets also have realistic sounds and you can even see steam coming out of them.

Besides the lights and train sets, I am also very big on music. I dedicate a good amount of time to updating my already vast Christmas music collection. Every year, I try to add some new music and make the best playlist possible, so I can play it on Christmas Eve. My friends know of this, so they tend to have high expectations and I feel it’s my job not to let them down.

Some of my time is also allotted for Christmas videos. I have plenty of original Christmas videos from the most popular artists. Christmas medleys from artists like Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Usher and the like are staples in my music video collection. I also like to include music videos from up and coming artists as well as regular people.

You will be surprised at how well recorded some of these videos are. The next video features a group of girls that are sure to have you following their lead and busting some moves. Click on the video and get ready to rock!