This 3-Ingredient Solution Will Keep You From Ever Dealing With Mosquitoes In Your Yard Again

Everyone can agree that being around mosquitoes bites…literally. During the summer months, it can be terrifying to venture outside knowing you’re going to return home with a bunch of itchy bumps all over your skin. They can turn even the most exciting events and gatherings into a total nightmare. Despite our efforts to combat their attacks with sprays, patches, and candles, nothing seems to work! That’s why you need to hear about this extremely easy DIY solution that makes for a super effective mosquito trap. The best part? You only need materials that you already have in the pantry!

All you need for this home hack is brown sugar, yeast, warm water, a plastic two-liter bottle, and a serrated utensil. First, take your serrated utensil and use it to cut off the top third of the two-liter bottle. Next, add one fourth of a cup of brown sugar and a full cup of warm water to the bottle’s bottom half. Mix in a fourth of a teaspoon of yeast. The mixture will lure in the mosquitoes! Flip the top of the bottle upside down, remove the cap, and put it inside the bottom half of the bottle.

The concoction draws the pests in with its sweet smell, and then they get trapped inside the bottle. It’s extremely easy to make and can be transported anywhere. You could use it on your porch or bring it with you to any outdoor event where you’re bound to be bugged by these pesky creatures! It’s also a life-saver when it comes to camping, so you won’t be bit up in your sleep.

Isn’t this idea genius? Be sure to watch the video below to learn more about this brilliant invention. Then, share this with your friends and family and leave your thoughts in the comments!