3-month-old baby loses it after seeing her mom’s new hairstyle

We’ve all had bad hair days, well I haven’t for some years as my hair has left for greener pastures, if you know what I mean. You know the days that I mean, you wake up in the morning, brush your hair but just won’t sit right. You add a little water to settle it down, but….POW…it pops up again. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get it to sit right. So what to do now? You’ve had enough so there is only on solution, a visit to the hair dresser.

Now hair dressers are a very interesting group of people. They not only make you look your best, but they are also there to listen to whatever problems you may be having in your life. These people are second only to the barman for solving all of the problems that the everyday person may have to face. Once In the seat, you explain to scissor-man just what you are thinking of doing with your precious locks, after all, he is an expert and knows exactly how to transform your idea into reality.

Ok…here we go…..firstly there in the compulsory wash…..that really uncomfortable neck rest that you have to endure while the young apprentice is trying her hardest to impress the boss. At last the final rinse and you can take your head out of that infernal neck-breaking-device. You are escorted back to the chair by the young lady who has just given you a headache, although she seems to be smiling a lot, then you sit down, have the apron placed around your neck and settle in for the journey of change that you special “Hair Designer” has in-stall for you.

I think I would like it a little shorter…oh and can you put some body in it while you are there? Of course says the artist-in-store and away he goes, a little snip here and a little snip there, a buff with the blow-dryer, as whisk with the fingers and there you have it……a masterpiece before your very eyes. Now at this stage you are extremely pleased with yourself and can’t wait to get home to show the family your new…very expensive ….look.

The car ride home is an exciting one, as at every stop you check yourself in the mirror and admire the wonderful job your new best friend has done on your crowning glory. You can’t help but notice that some of the other drivers are watching you, and you try to be as coy as you can and give them a little smile, after all, it feels good to be noticed. You arrive home, the door opens, and straight away everyone in the house notices the difference.

In the clip below we have a very similar scenario, only this time the first viewer of moms’ new hair-do is her little baby who is caught a little by surprise. Click on the link below and watch in amazement at the response mom gets from baby.