3 Poor Dogs Were Stranded In The Mountains. When They Went To Rescue Them, Watch What Happens!

Hope for Paws is one of the best rescue organizations I have ever come across. If you are an avid “animal rescue video watcher” like me, you have probably heard of this amazing rescue organization. About a week ago, they managed to rescue three beautiful dogs from the mountains of Wrightwood, California. The rescue was a really tough one, but thankfully they succeeded.

When they received a call about the stranded pooches, they wasted no time in rushing to their aid. Local rescuers had been trying to rescue the poor girls for more than week, but it was reaching a point where they were hopeless. Then Hope for Paws was called in for assistance.

The dogs were at 7600 feet in elevation with daytime temperatures of 20F. There were concerns that they could freeze to death at night. Using their trademark cheeseburgers, the rescuers managed to get the smallest of the sisters to come to them. The other two slowly followed suit, but wouldn’t get as close.

They rescued the smallest one on the first day. She put up quite a fight, but they calmed her and got her to safety. They didn’t manage to rescue all the three sisters together that first day, but one of the other sisters was captured a few hours later in a humane cage, and in two days, they were all with each other once again. They were all taken to the vet and given baths.

Their lives are forever changed now. They are so sweet. The video doesn’t show if they were adopted, but I’m sure they found forever homes.

Watch this beautiful rescue of Ginger, Sage, and Emma in the video below! Let us know your thoughts about this beautiful rescue in the comments!

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