3 puppies are trapped in a pool of tar – then some heroes find them and act quickly!

What has been the most dramatic dog rescue you have ever seen? Cell phones and social media have been bringing us the most amazing rescues. I saw one the other day that left me gasping. I was walking around the neighborhood when I saw a few neighbors who were looking at something on the ground. When I got closer, I saw they were looking at something in a hole.

Inside the hole, there was a small dog. He had gotten trapped while looking for something to eat. The neighbors were trying to do something but were not making much progress. One of them came up with the idea of using a rope. The animal bit the rope and when they pulled, they injured him more. When I got next to the hole, I noticed there was some grease on the edge

I think someone’s car had broken down there and what looked like grease was actually oil from the vehicle. I put my had in the hole to feel where the dog was and if any part of him was getting crushed when we pulled. I found out that one of the dog’s legs had gotten injured, but it did not feel broken. I managed to straighten his leg and wiped a little bit of the oil from the outside.

Everyone counted to three and we pulled the dog until we finally got him out of there. The dog was very scared and very dirty. One of the neighbors took him home and gave the dog a bath. After eating, the dog went to sleep and the rest of us shared his picture on social media trying to locate the owner. It took us about 3 days to find the owner. It turns out he had gotten lost about 40 miles from there.

I have also seen other animals like horses get rescued. One of these rescues was very dramatic because 3 horses had fallen in icy water while they were making their way across town in the middle of a snowy season. The horses were getting exhausted very fast and it took the work of about 9 people including firefighters to get them out. But fortunately, it was a good day.

The following video features a man who found three puppies stuck in tar. The puppies looked like they did not have much left in them and they would be giving up soon. But this hero was not going to let that happen, at least not on his watch!