3-week-old Labrador puppies learning to speak for the first time

A large litter of puppies discovers the power of their bark. It’s fun, loud and an adorable puppy experience.

When a new litter of Red Fox Labradors is awake, they have time to practice their bark. Since they’re still new to the world, the barks sound more like yelps. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say.

Some pups are rebellious and object to being put on a blanket. They prefer the nice hardwood floor since it gives them more freedom.

And the other pups in the video complain about not getting enough attention. They stop barking when getting petted. All of them have distinct personalities, so the barks cover a different need.

This is a growing experience for all of the puppies in the video. Luckily, they have a human friend that is patient enough to translate their barking.

The little ones in the video are a good example of why Labradors make great family pets. They’re vocal, cute and always have something to say. If you want to know what’s on their mind, they’ll tell you with the most adorable bark.

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