A 3-year-old is melting hearts with her rendition of Disney songs. I’m sure yours will melt, too!

You don’t need to have a great singing voice to turn yourself into a great viral star. People will like your video for many reasons and this has been the subject of many studies by marketing specialists. Many marketing companies have gone to great lengths to be able to know and take advantage of these factors. Some have been successful while others have not.

I have seen some very unusual singers who became famous for some reason. One of the very first ones that come to mind was a young man who became famous for singing a song called, “Chocolate Rain.” His name is Tay Zonda, and for many years, he’s been a successful singer, songwriter, musician, announcer and voice artist.

He became known to the world about 10 years ago when he uploaded his rendition of the original song. People didn’t know who he was, and many believed he was doing playback. His voice is very deep and won the hearts of millions. He became so popular that he appeared on many shows on television, including a very special appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Jimmy asked Tay how he felt after all that success and Tay said that it had been overwhelming. He knew that thousands of people had covered his song, but apparently failed to notice that John Mayer had been one of those people. Tay said that after the success he’s just been too busy to watch any television. Jimmy then suggested that he schedule an appointment with John, so they could do a collaboration.

He was also on the Steve Harvey show. He got to sing his song and 10 years later, he told Harvey that he has a very successful voice over career. I’ve seen one of his voice over videos about Old Spice. It’s hard to get that original voice out of your head, but when you hear Tay do it, it sounds so much better. He still has his YouTube channel and has over 1 million viewers.

The next video features a very young start that has been making waves on the Internet. She is only 3 years old and she has already started to steal the hearts of millions. This time she is doing a collaboration with her father. Her father is on the guitar and sings a part of the song. So, without further ado, I give you Claire Ryann and her dad!