3 Year Old Has A Terrifying Condition. But When THIS Dog Came Into Her Life, I Can’t Stop Crying!

When 3 year old Alida was diagnosed with neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI), it was hard for her to even breathe without the help of an oxygen tube. Alida couldn’t lift the heavy medical equipment and her parents recognized that even simple tasks like walking would be a big difficulty for their little girl. Then they learnt about service dogs and soon things took a turn for the better.

They adopted a goldendoodle named Mr. Gibbs. This beautiful dog is trained to take care of Alida. He helps carrying her oxygen tube and he follows her wherever she goes. Alida found a best friend in her caretaker. The relationship between these adorable friends is heart-warming. Mr. Gibbs came into her life at the right time!

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