When This 3 Yr Old Came Onstage & Did THIS, She Left Ellen In Complete SHOCK! Omg!

Brielle is one of the most adorable little kids you are going to see today. This three year old cutie is not only heart-melting, but she is sort of a child genius. This tiny girl memorized the entire periodic table and it is truly amazing to watch! Ellen was so captivated by her skills, she actually invited her and her mom Carrie to the show! Wait till you see this cute interview.

It took only around six months for Brielle to learn the entire periodic table. Her parents gave her some flash cards and she just learnt it really quick. Not only that, Brielle also knows all the states and the capitals. She knows all the countries in Europe and in Africa. And she even knows all the presidents. She is going to steal your heart for sure!

This little girl is amazing. She not only memorized the periodic table from flashcards, she knows a lot of facts about each element, including what it is used for! I couldn’t believe she could remember all of that! When Ellen asks her how she can remember all this information, she says, “My little brain just remembers it all!” How sweet!

Of course, Ellen is so happy to have her on the show, and she always gets her kid guests a gift. Wait until you see what she got this little genius.

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