3-Yr-Old Enters Rink and Stupefies On-Lookers with Startling Skill

Most 3-year-old boys and girls cannot even run straight, let alone ice skate in a straight line. There are many tips and tricks for helping a person stay on his feet on a pair of ice skates, such as keep the legs straight and apart, don’t look down when skating, and more, but after all, is said and done ice skating is always easier said than done.

Here’s a video of a 3-year-old girl who took to ice skating like ducklings to water. She is all alone in the ice rink because this was her competition routine at the ISI Ice Skating Competition! It was her first competition, but can we spot the nerves?

Anyone who sees her cute performance can’t possibly help but adore her. This little girl has excellent body posture and great hand gestures and lots of eye contacts and smiles for the appreciating crowd!

What do you think? Do you see a bright future for our little ice skating sensation? The Internet sensation is the least description that we can use for this 3-year-old with over 17 million views on YouTube, that’s almost 6 million views for every year of a person’s life is a great accomplishment by any standard of measurement. True that!

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3-Yr-Old Enters Rink and Stupefies On-Lookers with Startling Skill