3 Yr Old Was Lost In The Woods For 15 Hrs. But How She Survived? I Can’t Believe It.

In addition to loving and caring for our children, we also love our dogs. Dogs have always played a very important role in our lives and so it means a lot to us that our children and dogs get along. Ideally we want our children and dogs to be friends but we never know how that is going to work out.

So when one little three year old girl named Victoria wandered off from her home it was not surprise that the family dog Blue was also missing. Victoria’s family prayed that the dog was with the little girl but for hours they searched but could find no sign of either of them.

The next day they were able to spot the two around a mile away, they were both together. It appears that Victoria had wandered from her home and Blue, being the loyal pooch that he is, stayed with her the whole night, keeping her safe and warm. What a great story!

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