For 30 Years The Bear Merely Existed, Watch It Transform And Live Now

It’s not easy being held behind bars. To be imprisoned can be for the betterment of society and yourself or a tragic and heartbreaking sight of obscene torture and depression. There are many animals who have been in this very place for quite a chunk of time, occasionally forced to do confusing, over complicated tricks that seem to draw a crowd, but leaves the one performing agitated, depressed, and confused. Not a great combination at all.

Fifi is a bear that has lived behind bars and inside of a rusty old cover for close to 30 years. The poor bear is skinnier by comparison and seems more stressed out and anti-social than anything. It’s important to pick up on things like this. Say, the bear looks skinny, then feed her. Really not that hard, but after 30 long years Fifi is about to taste the freedom of a wildlife sanctuary that hopefully picks her up out of the slump she is in.

Fifi has arthritis and pain that seems to affect her greatly. It takes so little time to make sure the animals you are taking care of are well… taken care of. Yet, after a 30-year long stint, most worry that Fifi won’t be able to bounce back. The first order of business is to regain a healthy amount of weight and after that, check back in to see if she is flourishing or floundering. This team of workers make sure not to give up on this fighting female bear.

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