After 30 Years, A Retired Kindergarten Teacher Reunites With Her Beloved Student!

After not seeing him for 3 decades, Lorly Shik was able to recognize him anyway, without a problem. This woman of 90 years of age dedicated most of her life to being a kindergarten teacher. She started with this profession back in the 40’s, because she wanted to make a significant change in children’s lives. She gave her whole heart to her career, and did her job in the best way that she could throughout all that time. Lorly didn’t just did what her job asked her to do; she went beyond that to connect with every child that she taught to, and become an example for them.

One of her most beloved students was Cory Hepola, one of the kids in the last generation that she taught. A year after he moved onto elementary school, she retired and moved to a different town, so that she was closer to her family, to enjoy her golden years with them. Imagine how she felt when he saw Cory, almost 20 years later, as a professional news caster on TV! After Lorly excitedly wrote to his parents, Cory and her were able to meet and relive some fond memories of her teaching days.

You can watch this touching story right below!

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