33 Lions Are Rescued From Abusive Circuses, But What Happened Next Broke My Heart!

Lions are considered to be one of the most ferocious and violent hunters in the wild. But this quality doesn’t scare humans away from abusing and exploiting them. These stunning creatures are sometimes hunted for sport, while some are captured and held captive for the amusement of humans. These captured lions end up getting tortured in circuses, sometimes fighting back by attacking their trainers.

The video below features a group of 33 abused lions that were rescued from deplorable conditions from different circuses. Thankfully, they were provided with a chance to start over and finally have a better life, a life they deserve, living in peace in their natural habitat.

According to rescuers, some of these lions have missing teeth, while others have no claws due to their life within the circus. The lions were saved from their cages during a mission to help enforce bans on wild animal acts in South America. Reportedly every circus was raided during this 18th month operation, and more than 100 animals were rescued.

These particular lions were sent on a flight to South Africa where they got relocated to a protected sanctuary. At the sanctuary, their mental health, as well as their physical health, is taken care of and they are left in peace to live the way they deserve to live. No one forces them to do stupid trick for the entertainment of humans, which is how it should be.

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