33-year-old blind pony goes on friendly date with a mini donkey

Ana’s mini donkey and her blind pony had lost their best friends. So, the caring woman had this fantastic idea. She decided to set them up on a date, and soon the two of them began to come closer.

Ana noticed that Gidget, the pony, started to follow the mini donkey, Eeyore. Gidget had to be with him. When Gidget would wander off, he’d go to get her. No one taught Eeyore to take care of the pony.

Gidget, the pony, was rescued when she was 30 years old. She had been staying with Ana for almost 3 years now. The kind rescuer had paired her up with their mustang, Zeus. The two of them were perfect together.

Due to a health concern, Ana lost the mustang, and now Gidget was all alone. The rescuer did not know what to do. The mini donkey, Eeyore, was rescued two years before Ana had got Gidget.

The mini donkey was best friends with the beautiful Thor. Eeyore’s friendship with the massive black horse was unique and adorable. Unfortunately, Ana lost Thor as well due to health concerns.

Eeyore was heartbroken. Ana wanted to help her animals get through the difficult situation. This was when she thought of bringing them together. Soon the two became best friends. Gidget had lost her sight entirely now, but Eeyore never left her.

The little donkey and the pony were always together. Eeyore knew how to give Gidget some space and was always able to find her. When the two of them were together, they were playfully destructive. However, the two knew they needed each other and loved the company.

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33-year-old blind pony goes on friendly date with a mini donkey