37 angelic voices sing “The Sound of Music” classic, this is Heaven!

Who can forget “The Sound of Music” with Maria, Captain von Trapp, and his beloved children? It’s one of the most memorable musicals of all time.

So when the members of the “Little Singers” had to choose a song to perform, why not the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic “Edelweiss”? When you hear their performance, you’ll know they chose right! Their beautiful rendition will transport you to another world with their heavenly voices.

The members of this chorus vary from 11 to 18 and they have quickly become a worldwide phenomenon with a wide range in their repertoire, from classical to jazz to contemporary and Christian, just to name a few.

Their pure voices are uplifting and the moment they break into several very distinguishable harmonies, you can queue the goosebumps. This is a remarkable treat for the ears. The harmonies are breathtaking.

Their girls’ conductor and teacher throws himself into the melody and does a spectacular job of coordinating and leading this host of angelic voices. His bravado and enthusiasm are truly contagious.

Watch this astounding performance and leave your review in the comments box down below. What did you think? Have you ever heard of “Edelweiss” quite like this? And be sure to pass this video along to a friend so they can enjoy it, too.

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