4 Dogs Left Alone With A Snack Platter In The Room. Can They Resist?

Two huskies, a golden retriever, and a golden retriever puppy are put to the test with the “Don’t Touch It Challenge” and you’ll be blown away by how they stack up against your average group of toddlers.

This challenge goes by the name of the “toddler challenge,” “candy bowl challenge,” and “don’t touch it challenge,” but this time around two Two huskies, a golden retriever and a golden retriever puppy are giving it a try. It seems that snacks pose a challenge for most of us.

Kakoa and Sky are Siberian huskies, Sammie is the golden retriever and Summer is the adorable puppy in this video. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance of these dogs.

To discover the willpower of each cutie, you’ll have to see for yourself, but we guarantee you, these little ones could give human little one’s a run for their money in some cases.