4 Irish Girls Form A Line. When They Turn Around, Keep Close Watch On Their Feet

Riverdance GirlsThese 4 young ladies are superbly talented. The music bumps and the camera rolls. They turn around to show us their traditional Irish dance.  

This classic dancing is not a skill most people have. But the little Irish ladies are extremely talented and now the world gets to see their new, complicated dance routine.

Irish RiverdancingThey line up, then in a split second, they move across the dance floor making every person with even a drop of Irish blood proud as can be!

Nobody really knows the exact history of Irish dancing, but some say it started in the 1500s. There were traveling dancers who made their way around Ireland. They entertained and spread cheer wherever they went.

Irish dancing is now considered a way to honor your Irish heritage. The exceptional footwork requires incredible balance. These Irish dancers are a terrific example of an Irish troupe showing off their skill, while entertaining the audience.

By the way, if the song they are dancing to sounds familiar, it should! It’s from Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord Of The Dance’ album which features many of the dance master’s favorite songs.

The video has more than a million views. The costumes and the traditional dancing are irresistible. Watch and see.


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