4 Kittens Sit And Listen To Musician After Everyone Else Ignores Him

Being a street or subway musician is hard. You have a very short amount of time to gain the attention of an audience, and many of them only stay for one song. There has to be some talent too, otherwise, no one will want to give any money. There may be days, despite your best efforts, that audience participation will be at near zero. This guy in Malyasia was having a bad day like that… but then he got an unusual crowd around him.

He’s playing a guitar on the street and suddenly four adorable kittens come up to and start watching him strum along and sing. They even start moving their heads to the beat of the music. I don’t know why a crowd of people didn’t suddenly start tossing him money hand over fist. I mean, wouldn’t you after seeing what cute fans he has? The man is amused while watching these kitties hang on his every lyric.

Unfortunately, these four kitties can only put cat food treats in his collection tin – I didn’t see a wallet among the bunch of them. But they can give good kitty vibes to help him get more money from other people. I don’t know what the per diem take of a regular worker in Malaysia is like, but this man has to be living hand-to-mouth at best. He needs all the good luck that he can get.

I hope that this video turned out to be a harbinger of good karma for this street musician, with many days of people standing and listening to his music. The views alone might cause people to go seek him out as being “The Cat Whisperer.” Hmm. Maybe that could become his stage name when he plays. If he does ultimately hit it big with that name, I’d like a cut of the money. I’d just settle for him being happy and paid.

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