4 Stretches You Should Do Every Morning to Feel Strong, Flexible, and Grounded

Fitness guru Jeff Cavaliere shows us four stretches that will fix muscle tension caused while we sleep. He explains why we should stretch every morning to set ourselves up for success.

Four Stretches You Should Be Doing Every Morning

We all should be stretching every day to undo the tension and fatigue that our muscles accumulate through our everyday activities. Even our sleeping positions can cause tight muscles, so if we want to be refreshed and ready to win at life, we should be stretching.

Jeff recommends stretching in the mornings to open up your muscles and prepare them for your daily activities. Each of the four stretches he demonstrates targets a specific set of muscles that receive tension through everyday activities, like sitting at a desk at work.

These stretching exercises do not require any specialized equipment, other than one tool. For the last two stretches, Jeff asks the viewer to grab a broom handle or similarly shaped stick. This is something you should be able to find around your house.

The other thing that’s good about these stretches is that they don’t take much time. Each activity takes 30 seconds to a minute, so you can get up, do your stretches, and go on with your day feeling more prepared for the challenges ahead.