A 4-year-old boy disappears. 25 years later, a knock at the door leaves everyone in tears

I can’t even imagine what it must be for a parent to have a child abducted. There are many organizations that have been working in raising awareness about the importance of being always alert when you are out on the street with your children. It can only take a couple of seconds for a child to get lost or become kidnapped. The more time that goes by, the more difficult it becomes for the child to be located.

Many parents face the horror of not being able to find their kids when only a couple of seconds before, they were by their side. Many of these organizations recommend parents to always have their children at an arm’s reach when being in the street. Educating your children on the importance of not talking to strangers is also of paramount importance.

But what do you do when the unimaginable happens? If you are located inside a supermarket or a department store, you should notify security personnel immediately. They can coordinate a search throughout the store in a matter of seconds. Many children have been found and the kidnappers apprehended using this method. Security personnel at the store usually call law enforcement, so they too can become involved in the search.

What happens if you lose your child in a busy place like an outdoor market? In case you went there by yourself with your child, you should notify security personnel or the police as soon as possible. There’s usually a police post near each of the exits. You should also call 911 to notify them and give them a complete description of your child and the last place you saw him or her.

Then, you should start looking for your child in the places that might seem more attractive for him or her. Check all places that might be painted in bright colors. Check if there are places with children’s shows nearby or arcades. If someone volunteers to help you look for your child, also give them your child’s description. Try to keep a cool head as much as you can. Remember, you can take better decisions if you are calm.

This horror story was lived by a family when they lost their child in an outdoor market. The child was next to his mother, and in a blink of an eye, the child got lost. He wandered around and there were many places that distracted him along the way. He got lost and sooner than later, had no idea to get to his mother. The child was only 5 years old. 25 years later, there’s a knock on his parent’s door that leaves everyone in tears!