4-Year-Old Girl Dances Gracefully To Irish Music

Some children exhibit exceptional talent from a young age. One such girl is a four-year-old, white-haired girl, wearing round spectacles, that loves to dance. At her age, Lucy has already won two trophies and six medals, that’s quite an achievement for a little girl. She knows how to do four different types of dances, one of which she does in the video.

Lucy stands with crossed feet, ready to start her dance routine, and as soon as the music begins, she’s off to a bouncing start, kicking her legs up confidently. She repeats these steps around the floor once. She then taps her feet and hops from left to the right, staying in sync with the song at all times.

The little girl ends her dance with a bow, and the crowd appreciates her with a massive round of applause. Some of the guests even give her a standing ovation. It is a pleasure to see such small children with high achievements at an early age. She will surely become a champion of dance in the future.