4-Year-Old Gives Hilarious Life Advice To His New Baby Brother

BabyEnergetic, quirky Kristina Kuzmic is well-known on social media for her honest advice and for being so open and authentic about juggling everyday life. Her commentary is usually blended with humor which keeps drawing more and more viewers. She already has over 2 million Facebook followers.

Despite her success, she takes a break from the camera to let her son take over today. She is watching Baby Finn today is next to him, engrossed in “baby talk” with him. Getting up after a minute, she walks away as she tells her son that she’s going to make lunch.

BoyHer four-year-old son looks at baby Finn seriously and animatedly starts to fill him in on what to expect in life: “I’ve been on this earth for four loooooong years. From one man to another, here’s my advice.” He starts to list some hilarious, but surprisingly practical advice for baby Finn.

His first bits of advice were, “Mommy and Daddy are gonna say ‘no’ a lot. They’re just trying to keep you alive.” (How true!) Next; he warns baby Finn that one day he’d be responsible for wiping is own butt. “Nasty!” he exclaimed, and Finn’s eyes grew wide in shock at this huge revelation about his future.

A few serious warnings were involved in this clip, too. “Grown-ups will try to get you to sleep more. Don’t do it!” Finn seems to gurgle an agreement to this one. He says that Finn might miss out on something fun if he does.

The next warning was, “Grown-ups will try to feed your crazy stuff.” Finn’s eyes start to grow wide, looking a bit scared. The four-year-old’s advice was to never say “yes” to green stuff – except green M&Ms of course!

Here’s some advice even grown-ups can use. He suggested, “When in doubt, just sing.” He starts to serenade Finn, and he seems to enjoy it. Another sweet bit of advice was to be sure to hug mom every day.

He ends his instruction with, “Sometimes you gotta cry it out, but I’m always here for you.” Finn smiles a huge grin and seems genuinely pleased to know that he’s always got back up. He then plants a huge kiss on Finn’s forehead. It’s so sweet to see how these two interacted with each other, and the advice was pretty practical!

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4-Year-Old Gives Hilarious Life Advice To His New Baby Brother