4-year-old is a fountain of smiles as he sings

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay, even if that someone is a singing four-year-old.

It’s been said that our children are a record of everything we say and do. Four-year-old Rylyn must have some good moments to remember with his parents.

His mother sings a song to him every night called ‘Three Little Birds,’ and it must be his heart’s delight because here he chooses to sing it back to her.

His mother records the performance to share with family that they can’t visit in person due to the lockdown. It’s a very personal recording. We feel like he’s singing to us one-on-one.

The pandemic isn’t an upbuilding thing to reflect on, but Rylyn shows us that each of us has the power to spread positive vibes. That alone can be very powerful.

Putting the world back together after the lockdown will take the work of many hands, and having the spirit of singing, a smiling toddler couldn’t hurt anything.

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4-year-old is a fountain of smiles as he sings