4-year-old is tired of shifting snow, has a hilarious discussion with Jesus and asks for some help

FRUSTRATION, its jus a word right? How about Irritation or infuriation, more words right? Maybe annoyance or dissatisfaction, again just words, correct? OF COURSE NOT! We have all been frustrated in our lives, the faucet washer that keeps falling out of your hands because your fingers are too long to fit in that stupid narrow gap that some obviously thought-impaired designer created just to drive you nuts. How many times have you grazed your knuckles changing a flat on your car? And it’s always when the weather is cold, making the pain twice as bad.

There are two kinds of frustration in this world, internal and external. The internal frustrations can be caused by not being able to achieve what you have set out to do. Changing the starter-motor on your car, you know when you need that specially shaped spanner to get to the retaining bolts, but you don’t have one and have to make do with the 9 1/6 ring spanner in your tool box. What about the disappointment of going to a concert to see your favorite artist, and they turn out to be really bad live? We all have internal frustrations from time-to-time, it how we deal with it is the important thing.

Then there is the annoying external frustration. Oh here we go! You’re in your car, it’s a cold Monday morning and you are on your way to work, straight-away your day sucks. You had just spent one of the best weekends in your life, now it was over and here you are, off to work again. You’re trying to feel your best, you have those two zany guys on the radio, you know the funny breakfast-crew, the ones that always make you laugh in the mornings. You have travelled three miles from home, only two more to go before your work day begins. You take a look at the clock on the dash, ten-to-eight, plenty of time, then………what’s that on the road…….OH-REALLY, road works, the road is now going from three-lanes to one, and the traffic is at a standstill…….Great, just what you needed on a Monday morning…….the day could only get better from here….RIGHT?

Ah, frustration, the game we can all play, much to our detriment. When a child gets frustrated it can be one of the funniest things to see. The sheer look of disgust in their eyes as they become more-and-more infuriated at their apparent lack of ability to get a simple task completed. In the clip below, you will get to meet a 4-year-old who is about to get so frustrated that he appeals to god to make things better.

Click on the link below and watch as this cute-as-a-button-kiddie gets to learn a life lesson he isn’t going to forget for a long time.