4-year-old is sent back home on first day of school because of his haircut

The first day of school is supposed to be a happy moment in a child’s life. For one student who is currently attending Barbers Hill in Texas, it would not turn out to be that way. This first day would end up being one of the saddest moments of the little kid’s life. It would prove a reminder of the problems that still exist in our nation’s school systems. Little Jabez got sent home before the day had even started. He didn’t get a chance to play or introduce himself. The reason was a lot more than just suspicious.

Would you have guessed that the boy was told his haircut was in violation of the school’s dress code? His mother needed to cut the four-year-old’s hair so he could be admitted back. Her son loves his hair and would never imagine being without his curly long hair. During the registration process, Jessica was told what the school dress code policy was. His hair would need to remain off the neck and above the ears for him to be admitted.

In Jessica’s mind, there is one simple solution to this issue. She ties her little boy’s hair up in a bun and sends him off to school. She doesn’t think much about it. In her mind, cutting a child’s hair just to please the school is downright unfair. The school says that their dress-code policy does not obey to intolerance but a standard for all the kids to adhere to.

The school says they offer exceptions to students who do not cut their hair for cultural or religious reasons. Jessica needs to write a letter to the school explaining the reason for her decision. Until she writes this letter, Jabez will not be allowed to attend. She can’t believe what she’s hearing. She is determined to stand her ground every step of the way.

Stories like this spark a lot of debate. There are going to be some people who will say that the school is entitled to have their own dress-code based on their values. Others will say a child has the right to wear his hair in any way that he feels. The length of your hair does not have anything to do with your brains.

What do you feel is right? Do you think a child should be given the freedom to dress any way he wishes? Or, do you think that following a school policy helps the child learn limits and boundaries? They believe that this will help children follow rules and acquire good habits. Whatever your position is, you need to check out the whole story!