4-Year-Old Girl Stuns with Jaw-Dropping Dance Routine

Ella Dobler

Ella DoblerElla Dobler Wows With “Heaven” Performance

When songwriters Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley penned “Heaven is a Place on Earth” then gave it to Belinda Carlisle to turn into a huge hit, I bet they had no idea that a 4-year-old dancer would make it her own in a wonderful interpretation of this classic tune.

The song was a hit all over the world reaching number 1 in many countries including most of Scandinavia, and reached number 2 in Australia where Carlisle was a superstar. If you have not heard of them, don’t worry, you are not alone.

This brings us too little Ella Dobler, the cutest ballet dancer you will ever lay your eyes on. At only 4-years-old, she is much more talented than her age would have you think, but once she starts to move you will be mesmerized by her unique abilities in this wonderful art form.

With the confidence of someone much older, she takes the stage at “Rainbow National Dance Competition” help across the United States every year, her own. From the first note of this classic, you can see that mini superstar is about to shine.

Elle was born to dance, from the moment she first heard music, the rhythm inside of her was always trying to escape. There was no shyness to this little dynamo as she would perform as soon as she could stand. Her love for dance and music still fills her senses and does not look like wavering anytime soon.

At the tender age of 4, she has competed in many completions across the country traveling with her dance troupe “The New Level Dance Company”.

Since her appearance at the “Rainbow National Dance Competition”, she has won several other sought after events including the prestigious title of “Regional Mini Miss Ruby Showbiz 2017”, the” Regional Little Miss Step UP 2017” and the ”Petite Miss Leap Sensation 2017”.

It is obvious to all that have seen Elle dance, that she is a natural and her talent is going to take her all the way to the top in the world of dance. Her confidence just keeps growing, and let’s face, she has the cutest smile that will just capture your heart.

As you watch this video it is clear from the start that this rising star has the audience in the palm of her tiny little hands. Her agility and prowess are way beyond her years and makes you wonder just how far she will go.

With the support of her parents and friends, there is no height that this natural talent cannot reach. Her abilities can only get better with age as she learns more about technique as she matures. Remember the name “Ella Dobler”, no doubt we will all one day see it in lights.

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4-Year-Old Girl Stuns with Jaw-Dropping Dance Routine