40 Images That Will Trigger Intense 90s Nostalgia

There’s no way you didn’t have this in your 1990s house. The unique decade in American culture featured iconic styles that have vanished ever since. However, you’d remember these items if you grew up or lived through the 90s.

Home decor changed, and wallpaper and solid-colored walls were out of style. Replacing these 70s and 80s looks were different textures, and sponge painting and popcorn texture were popular during the 90s.

It seemed as if every kitchen had to have standard white oak cabinetry. The appliances were also regular and mainly white. This gave the kitchen a classic 1990’s look of bright white with matching cabinets and appliances.

CDs were compact discs that replaced cassette tapes. CDs were usually stacked in boxes and would need to be organized, so they didn’t get lost.
They had CD towers and storage boxes to help because everyone had a music catalog on compact discs.

The 1990s was the last hoorah for the VCR and VHS tapes. Families would usually only have one VCR in the family room. They had wooden shelves or drawers to stock the VHS tapes.

Roller Skates got upgrades in the 90s too. Inline skates and rollerblades were gaining popularity, and these futuristic skates looked like moon boots. The new trend took over America, especially for teens, as rollerskates became more edgy and exciting.

The 1990s brought us Grunge, Hip-Hop, and even the internet. The fads that emerged became essential to 90s living. The decade was filled with peace and prosperity, along with wild trends.

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40 Images That Will Trigger Intense 90s Nostalgia